Encaustic workshop: layering and using stencils


February 23 & 24 10-4

At McRae Art Studios

Limited to 6 participants!


Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Email me to register

Encaustic paint can range from totally transparent to rich and opaque. It naturally lends itself to texture and thick impasto painting, but can also be scraped and melted into relatively flat layers. In this workshop we’ll start with the basics of working with the wax and heating tools, then explore various layering, scraping, and stenciling techniques.

I will provide:

  • heated palettes and heat guns

  • encaustic paint and medium

  • metal containers for paint

  • brush cleaning wax

  • a selection of extra brushes

  • scraping tools

  • plywood cut into various small sizes to paint on

  • disposable gloves

  • paper and cutting tools

  • pre-cut stencils

What to bring:

  • Bring a lunch and snacks. The studio has a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee machine.

  • scissors, hole punchers or other paper cutting tools you’d like to try for making stencils

  • a good exacto knife

  • any natural hair paintbrushes you’d like to use, (once they are used with wax they can’t be used for anything else)

  • I will provide plywood for painting, but you may bring your own wooden panels (not coated in acrylic), around 8x8 in size

  • printed images you’d like to work with that are simple enough to cut with an exacto

  • smock/apron

Email me to register